War Dreams

CHORZEIT, June 2017

Overall this is an exhilarating album. Only seldom does one hear a program that has been so cleverly and deliberately put together; only seldom does one hear such a good ensemble, who splendidly masters all musical challenges. The choir’s sound is round, homogeneous and very natural… The intonation is also superb and exceptionally clear; the dynamic resources appear to be infinite… At the end they leave nothing more to be desired.

Radio Bremen: CD Recommendation of the Month, February, 2017

You never get tired of listening when this album is on. Dramaturgically, it is brilliantly set up and it is fantastically sung.


Mensch, werde wesentlich


cantissimo captivated the listener with their flawless singing. The movements of the Mass turned into pure meditative enjoyment thanks to the buoyant sounds and well-balanced vocal blending.


Ans Licht

Dr. Johannes Graulich, Chief Executive of Carus Publishing, Stuttgart

Dear Markus,

Congratulations are in order for cantissimo’s 20th anniversary. Time flies! You’ve made a name for yourselves in the last 20 years with demanding repertoire and high quality artistic execution of a cappella music. I’m pleased with the CDs that we have realized together, all of which are musically compelling. Our collaboration on the music of Heinrich von Herzogenberg, who remains somewhat unknown, has gained international attention. From all of us at Carus, we wish you and your ensemble just as much idealism and artistic finesse for the next 20 years!



Wie schön, hier zu verträumen (Herzogenberg CD1)

Culture Radio Berlin-Brandenburg 2011

This CD with lieder and romanzen for women’s choir and solo quartet with piano accompaniment is the beginning of a three-part Herzogenberg Edition. The versatile women of cantissimo demonstrate a homogenous sound which is as clear as a bell. The entire ensemble consistently finds the right stylistic approach with their expressive musical interpretation of these Romantic lieder, making this album an absolute “Must“ for fans of choral music.


Frühling lässt sein blaues Band (Herzogenberg CD2)


ensemble cantissimo, founded in 1994 and made up of 26 professional singers, specializes in a cappella repertoire. Under the direction of Markus Utz, cantissimo proves in this second Herzogenberg album once again their distinct sensitivity to this literature. At the same time, the text presentation is never artificial; dynamics and vocal balance are compellingly precise.


Jauchzet dem Herrn, alle Lande (Herzogenberg CD3)


This is an exceedingly homogenous ensemble, with clearly contoured and animated, organ-like registers. The voices melt richly into one another; in this aspect cantissimo presents an ideal balance. The lyrical qualities of the ensemble mirror those of the composer. In addition comes a wonderfully controlled and dynamic development, garnished with a fine capacity for expansion – considering the only 26 vocalists, a remarkable find.


Heinrich von Herzogenberg, CD-Box (Vol.1–3)

Chor und Konzert: “Is Herzogenberg’s choral music in the ascendant?“

Herzogenberg’s passion for just thirds in choral singing is positively spelled out in these works; that Markus Utz and his ensemble are familiar with them is quite evident. Such purity is a special occurrence in choral music!

Liebeslieder Vol.2


Volkslieder Vol.3


I Hemmelen - Chormusik aus Skandinavien

Klassik-Magazin www.klassik.com

… impressively steadfast in agogics and intonation, an extraordinary musical indulgence, thrilling interpretations performed at the highest level.


Mater Dei (Franz Philipp)

Badische Zeitung

I cannot praise highly enough the performance which just happened before the gates of Freiburg. In Stegen-Eschbach ensemble cantissimo resurrected Philipp’s Mater Dei, op. 60 from the depths: a one-hour Latin work for baritone solo and mixed choir a cappella, completed in 1947. Under the masterful direction of Markus Utz, cathedral music director in Konstanz, the ensemble presented ambitious choral music, reaching the listener directly and without pretense.


Te Deum (Giovanni Battista Martini)

Fono Forum

ensemble cantissimo captivates listeners with a full and homogeneous sound. Five starts for interpretation and sound!